Is Sharp Sighted Stevie Gallacher In Line for Masters Glory?

Focused Ryder Cup star Stephen Gallacher can win The Masters in Augusta this weekend according to the world’s number one sighting and alignment expert Stephen Feeney.

Feeney, who spent nine months working with Gallacher and his swing coach in 2012, has seen the Scotsman blossom since helping him align his swing mechanics with his sighting line.

Gallacher, who made his Masters debut last year, heads back to the iconic tournament having enjoyed the best year of his career to date.

A self-confessed ‘late bloomer’, 40-year-old Gallacher’s career has flourished in the last few years, including back-to-back Dubai Desert Classic triumphs and culminating in selection for Europe’s winning Ryder Cup team in 2014.

SightRight inventor and owner Feeney has watched with pride as a player who he has worked with twice has continued to improve his technique and play better golf, finally realising the potential he has always threatened.

“I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Stevie won The Masters,” said Feeney, inventor of the innovative SightRight Golf putting alignment aid.

“He is a master preparer and practiser and was a pleasure to work with. I see him as a friend today and would love to see him go all the way.

“The kind of work I did with him would benefit any golfer at any standard. It is all about perfecting the line of sight so a player’s swing mechanics are aligned to their sighting line.

“Our SightRight putting aid helps to demonstrate that perfect sighting can only improve golfing technique and performance, like it does in the other sports I have worked in, including Snooker and Darts.

“With perfect sighting and alignment, a golfer will see when the swing path meets a square club face. This is an online shot, anything else is offline.

“Stevie embraced SightRight methods and I am delighted to see him doing so well these days. The key for him at The Masters will be consistent accuracy across his whole game and precise execution of intelligent shot selections – all capabilities that I know he has.”

The SightRight Golf putting alignment aid is available to purchase via where more information is available about how SightRight could help you play better Golf.

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