About SightRight and Eye Dominance

What is SightRight and Eye-Dominance?

Developed by Stephen Feeney after 15 years of research, SightRight® is a patented Sighting Aid & patented Coaching system designed to test & help Golf, Snooker and Dart players learn to sight perfectly and develop a perfectly aligned technique to improve their accuracy.

Stephen’s extensive research and work has identified that 99% of Golf, Snooker & Dart players sight across the line of aim they ‘believe’ they are sighting perfectly – known technically as ‘parallax error’.

Amazingly so far no-one has passed all of Stephen’s SightRight tests and everyone he has coached to date has had some degree of error in their sighting and technical alignment, detrimentally affecting their accuracy and performance potential..


How does SightRight work?

SightRight® provides a Golfer with a foolproof test to assess their eye dominance and their precise ‘sighting line’ i.e. how their eyes focus to see a straight line of aim perfectly.

The ‘eureka’ moment for the Golfer is that SightRight actually lets him / her see for themselves whether or not they are sighting a straight line of aim accurately in their pre-shot sighting routines and also throughout their Putting set up and stroke.


SightRight delivers a breakthrough in the most fundamental coaching principles in Golf

The unique SightRight design enables the Golfer to quickly see and correct poor sighting and alignment habits with amazing results! And to date there is no other known coaching or golf/putting aid that achieves this significant coaching breakthrough in the game.


“Stephen has taken the coaching of sighting and aiming in Golf to another level”Peter Mattsson Director of Golf, English Golf Union



Both eyes, regardless of dominance, work together to see one picture.
With SightRight you don’t have to worry about assessing your eye dominance as the patented sighting design shows you if you are sighting a straight line of aim accurately and how to correct any error.

SightRight confirms your eye dominance and ‘Sighting Line’ – where your eyes need to be positioned to see a straight line of aim perfectly.

You can’t argue about the principles of perfect sighting in an accuracy sport – SightRight provides a foolproof method of sighting a straight line of aim perfectly, eliminating parallax error (sighting across a line of aim.


So, what does this mean for a golfer and / or the PGA Golf Coach?

Inaccurate sighting of, or along a Line of Aim in a players pre shot routines and when in their Putting set up, in most cases results in the manifestation of poor visual, technical alignment habits and compensating errors.

Furthermore, without first correctly ensuring the Golfer has a perfect sighted set up of the putter face in relation to their eye dominance and ‘Sighting Line,’ as well as for the Line of aim, the correct ball position for the player concerned cannot be accurately established either.

All these errors lead to a likely corruption in the putting stroke, (pushing & pulling), a poor roll on the ball, and many unnecessarily missed putts, even the Yips. Yes – due quite simply to poor sighting & alignment accuracy issues.


The eyes have it ……. 

If a Golfer can’t actually see the true picture, and more often than not they instinctively know this is the case and that there is something wrong, something that is hindering improvement, then how can the mind ever relax? It would be like asking a marksman with a rifle to look elsewhere before he aims and close his eyes when he pulls the trigger!

SightRight lets a player clearly see if they are off line in their pre shot routines and technique, and the patented coaching methods help correct these bad habits.

SightRight helps a golfer to sight perfectly, with pinpoint accuracy, and then walk in and set up to a line of aim also with pinpoint accuracy – over any distance.

Then, with sighting and set up errors corrected, a perfectly square Putter face and perfect ball position, the Golfer then very quickly and easily learns to deliver an accurate Putting Stroke along the line of aim chosen – with remarkable results!


In summary, SightRight® helps the Golfer (& Coach) to:

  • identify and correct any sighting error of a straight line of aim in relation to eye dominance 
  • sight and set up to a line of aim with pin point accuracy every time
  • walk in and set up to the line with a perfectly square putter face
  • identify the correct ball position in the Golfer’s putting stance in relation to eye dominance  
  • eliminate pushing / pulling in their putting stroke to deliver a true and accurate roll on the ball
  • improve their Putting accuracy over all distances  
  • improve their green reading as the issue of parallax error when ‘reading’ breaks has been eliminated
  • SINK MORE PUTTS over all distances.