SightRight Golf & Putting Coaching delivers Accuracy

SightRight Coaching Focuses and delivers Accuracy, Accuracy, Accuracy

Before any coaching takes place you undergo a full evaluation of your current accuracy levels.

SightRight coaching does not involve simply hitting ball after ball or putt after putt at the same target, it is designed to take you out of your comfort zone and recreate in-game pressure so you can measurably improve your accuracy.

This essential benchmarking is how we measure your improvement, as it’s not unusual for top professional golfers to be considerably offline at this stage.

Typical improvement on putting alone after SightRight Coaching is 0.9 strokes per round / 3.6 shots per tournament

What do we measure?

1) Driving & Irons – your ability to hit a target with all 3 shot bias: Draw, Fade, Straight

2) Putting – How square you putter face is too your intended line of aim and green reading ability

SightRight coaching examines how effective you have been to date and the results of your game. This way of recording your results helps to gauge actual accuracy improvement.
SightRight Coaching uncovers why things happen, and what you can learn from it to take on the golf course.

Following SightRight Coaching you will be able to:

  • Perfectly sight and aim every shot in golf in accordance with your eye-dominance
  • Self Sight & Perfectly Align your shots for whatever shape or break you see
  • Perform easy Practice Methods in your Pre-shot routines guaranteeing greater accuracy
  • Have a 100% bespoke and perfect Putting Stance & Putting Technique
  • Have perfect sight harmonisation developing the perfect pendulum Putting Stroke that is actually online
  • Read Greens like never before enabling you to improve your putting stats
  • Develop instinctive Putting Distance Control, especially on fast greens

SightRight® Golf Coaching is the first of its kind to provide revolutionary coaching in Sighting & Alignment and Putting, with a Patented Sighting & Alignment Diagnosis to accurately assess a Player’s true Sighting Line, regardless of Eye Dominance.

Amazingly, and for various reasons, most amateur and professional golfers, including golf coaches at all levels, unintentionally sight across their Line of Aim.

The patented SightRight® Coaching system is used to individually identify and correct any Sighting & Alignment error for perfect sighting in all pre-shot Sighting and Putting routines.

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