Step 2 – Sighting Tests in your Putting Stance

Step 2: SightRight Sighting Tests in your Putting Stance
Walk in to the putt and set up in your normal putting stance. Look down at the SightRight lines – what do you see?
• If the SightRight lines are crossing, even slightly, you are sighting across the line of aim of the putt (Diagram 4).
• To correct this sighting error, simply lean forwards (or backwards) until the SightRight lines are perfectly joined and you can see perfectly along the line of the putt to the SightRight (Diagram 5).
• This ‘view’ may feel strange at first if you have been sighting outwards (or inwards)across the putt. Regular practice with your SightRight on the putting greens (or indoors) will soon help you get your stance right every time.
• Now play the putt, keeping your stroke low and on the line of aim in the follow through as this helps to keep the putter and ball on line for an accurate putt.

Pro-Tip: Most golfers stand too far away from the ball at address which gives an offline view. If you need to lean forward a long way in your test, stand closer to the putt. You may need to grip down the putter or change to a shorter putter.