Step 4 – Sighting the Line of Aim on Putts with Breaks

Step 4: Sighting the Line of Aim on Putts with Breaks
Place your SightRight around a hole using two tees in the holes provided (Diagram 1). Position a ball at a distance of 4 to 6 feet in a perfectly straight line with the SightRight lines and mark this spot for repeat practice.
Now take your normal standing (and crouching) position behind the putt (Diagrams 2 and 3) and look down at the SightRight – what do you see?
• If the lines cross, even slightly, you are sighting across the line of aim.
• To correct your sighting error, position yourself behind the shot with your weight evenly balanced on both feet so you can see the SightRight lines perfectly joined.
• This is your ‘sighting line’ position for accurate aiming / vision of a straight line of aim.

Pro Tip – Perfect sighting is crucial for aiming, reading putts, setting up perfectly and delivering an accurate stroke. ALWAYS stand (or crouch) squarely and evenly balanced when sighting a line of aim.