Stevie Gallacher ‘Sights’ Success

Monday 5th August, 2013

Learning SightRight® Golf and Putting techniques has helped Stevie Gallacher with analysis and calibration of his golf swing, short game and putting stroke in a way that perfectly complements the work he does with his swing coach.

Stephen Feeney’s unique experience with the games top players, like Darren Clarke, McGinley, Schwartzel, Oosthuizen and Monty makes him the only sighting (eye dominance) and alignment expert in World Golf today, and he’s been working quietly with Scotland’s rising Star for the past 12 months.

The ability to learn to “sight and aim” properly in relation to their individual eye dominance allows players like Gallacher to calibrate and expose details in the most important area of their game – The vision and technical alignment in their golf swing and putting technique.

Feeney’s patented SightRight Coaching system and techniques can deliver startling improvements in accuracy across a players whole game, where great results and statistical improvements are not uncommon as Stevie Gallacher’s 2013 season testifies.

With six top 6 finishes and a much vaunted win in Dubai earlier this year, 8 years after his last one, Stevie Gallacher has started to reap the benefits of combining perfect sighting and alignment in his whole game by understanding how shot selection is dramatically affected by the actions taken even way ahead of addressing the golf ball.

With the margins of success so tight at the top end of the game, the ability to have trained eyes that give instant feedback on the right lines to choose and the shot to make are crucial to today’s modern touring pros.

“We know Stevie is very well coached and very talented, but after testing him on SightRight he could finally believe his eyes and using SightRight techniques in his pre shot routines across his whole game as well as in his putting, he has gained measured improvements in accuracy across his whole game as his stats have clearly shown” Feeney said. “In the four months between August and December 2012 Stevie’s stroke average improved to match the best in the world and the Win in Dubai was very much on the cards. It’s great to see him playing in the WGC Events and doing well at Muirfield. All this experience will serve him well as he goes into the US Open this week.”

Armed with the sequence of superb swing coaching, perfect sighting and great natural talent aligned to his eye dominance Feeney believes Stevie has created the perfect storm to get maximum accuracy from his superb golfing ability.

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