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Terms and Conditions of SightRight®’s Patented Coaching and Product Sales.
The Patents that apply to SightRight® Products also apply to SightRight®’s Coaching and Method of Use/Practice, such that any use of the Products or Coaching and Practice Methods by Sporting and Club Associations, Coaches or any persons in a Coaching environment would be in contravention of the Copyright Designs and Patents Act, unless specifically authorised by SightRight (UK) Limited.

SightRight (UK) Ltd reserves the right to refuse sales of SightRight® products to any individuals, Professionals, Coaches or Coaching bodies in protection of the Patents held.

SightRight® COACHING for Professional Golfers, Snookers players etc.

Enquiries from Professional players are welcome via our direct contact number 07833 170572 or via 110sport Management Company Ltd on 01786 462634.

Become an AUTHORISED SightRight® Putting Coach or SightRight® Snooker Coach:

For enquiries by Golf Clubs / PGA Coaches or Snooker Coaches to become a licensed SightRight® Putting Coach or SightRight® Snooker Coach and authorised Retailer of SightRight® Golf or Snooker Products please telephone Stephen Feeney on 07833170572 or e-mail us.

SightRight® COACHING for Sports Associations / Golf Clubs etc:

For enquiries about SightRight® Coaching Seminars please Contact Us or telephone us on 07833 170572.